Hi, I am Sofia Rigalt, an agronomist from the north of Argentina. I have been traveling the world for 3 years, I visited 3 continents working with sustainable agriculture, environmental education, permaculture projects and communities.

Who I am What I do

My mission

Through world travel, I discovered my passion for nature, and learned a great deal about ecology.

I understood that environmental awareness is key to modifying our consumption habits and that with our daily decisions we generate an impact on the environment.

I want to raise awareness about the use of natural resources, I want you to recognize your power as a conscious consumer to improve your health and the environment that surrounds us to change the realities of the production system of goods and services related to our food source.

We belong to nature, we are all connected to the flow of life.  It is time to change, and shift from globalization to localization and support our communities.

Together we can build a new world, a better world where we work with nature instead of against her. 

About me

I’m Sofia Irene Rigalt.

I am an Agronomist from the North of Argentina.

I studied Agriculture for six years and with my newfound knowledge, I traveled the world working in sustainable communities, conducting interviews, and doing research on methods of permaculture.

I taught agroclimatology at the University of Cordoba for three years, helping students understand the connection between natural elements and humans’ impact on them. I also did research in The National Institute of Agricultural Technology on mega thermal pastures in abiotic restrictions.

My passion is to use natural techniques in syntropic agriculture while implementing permaculture principles and deep ecology philosophy.

What I can do for you

New sustainable project

Do you want to create a sustainable life? Do you need help with what to do? Where? When? How?

Start with source water quality studies, topographic maps, climate studies, and soil quality research to purchase land, smart design, and create a project using the qualities of the natural landscape and local resources.

Study the potentialities and limitations of the region of your choice.

Assistance in permaculture project

Do you already have a permaculture project and new problems to solve? The management of water, crops, diseases, soil problems, etc.

Maybe create a new market for your products or services? Connect with consumers, under a network, marketing tools, sales?

I can help you find the proper techniques to your specific cause.

How improve sustanability in business

All businesses can improve their impact in the community and on the environment. My work is to change logitstical flux of energy, to make less energy ad low carbon emitting systems.

This in turn, reduces pollution and contributes to cleaner air and water.

how to grow your own food and compost

Eating from your garden is one of the most satisfying experiences … because it’s full of love, care, hope, and incredible flavors! Reduce your waste, using it in a compost, understand this cycle of nutrients and energy producing your food. I have made over five composts throughout the world and would be happy to help you build your own.

Eat organic, local and healthy

Is it difficult to find places where you feel amazing after eating? Here is a small map of my travel routes where you can find food from local sources and create a positive socio-environmental impact in the region.

How to be more ecofriendly?

Small changes can make a difference. A list of tips that you can use in your daily life to become greener and greener!

Connect with communities

Do you want to travel to another part of this world not a s a tourist but as a conscious human giving back to the new place you choose to enter.

Sustainable communities have a lot to share and teach us. Another world, other rules, true connection with nature and yourself, living daily in the present moment.  They are open to receive people and share their ancestral knowledge.

Global impact of food production systems

Some statistics about Food production!
1/4: The food industry is responsible for around a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions.
73% : Agriculture has caused 73% of all deforestation and land conversion.
35%: 35% of global fish stocks have been overfished to unsustainable levels.
1/3: Around one third of all food produced is wasted – either being lost in the supply chain or thrown away.
821 MILLION: 821 million people go hungry every day, nearly two billion are overweight or obese, and poor diets are the leading cause of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
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