Permaculture Design Services

Through our permaculture design services, we can help you create sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems. Our skilled agricultural engineers will work closely with you to design and implement permaculture-based farm layouts and systems. We specialize in developing food forests, designing water catchment systems for irrigation, integrating composting solutions for organic waste management, employing natural building methods for infrastructure, and creating energy-efficient designs. Let us help you build a thriving permaculture farm that nurtures both nature and productivity.

Regenerative Agriculture Services

We specializes in regenerative agriculture techniques that prioritize the health of the soil, ecosystems, and communities. We provide comprehensive consultancy, guidance, and implementation of regenerative farming practices. Our services include soil testing to assess soil health, developing customized soil improvement strategies, planning crop rotations to maximize yields, managing water resources efficiently, and implementing integrated pest management solutions. With our expertise, you can transform your farm into a regenerative powerhouse.

Education and Training Services

We believe in sharing knowledge and empowering individuals to become stewards of sustainable agriculture. Our education and training services offer workshops, seminars, and courses on regenerative agriculture and permaculture principles. Whether you are a farmer looking to enhance your practices or an enthusiast interested in sustainable farming, our programs are designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge. Learn about soil health management, organic farming techniques, permaculture design principles, agroforestry systems, and sustainable resource management from our experienced instructors.


Eating from your garden is one of the most satisfying experiences … because it’s full of love, care, hope, and incredible flavors! Reduce your waste, using it in compost, understand this cycle of nutrients and energy-producing your food. I have made over five composts throughout the world and would be happy to help you build your own.


Do you want to travel to another part of this world not as a tourist but as a conscious human giving back to the new place you choose to enter?

Sustainable communities have a lot to share and teach us. Another world, other rules, true connection with nature and yourself, living daily in the present moment.  They are open to receive people and share their ancestral knowledge.


Agroforestry is the management and integration of trees, crops, and/or livestock on the same plot of land.

It is a flexible concept, involving both small and large-sized landholdings.

Agroforestry can reap substantial benefits both economically and environmentally, producing more output and proving to be more sustainable than forestry or agricultural monocultures.

It may include existing native forests and forests established by landholders.

Agroforestry is not only a production system, is a philosophy of life, is respects nature, and be grateful for being alive.

Is the new vision to improve our relationship between food and humans beings. For our present and for the future generations…


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