Environmental Education

Education is the most powerful and dominant influence which one can use to change the world, perhaps proven by many other scholars around the world which is why we need to educate ourselves about the importance of environmental education in order to make the world a better place to live in. Before going deep into environmental education, we will understand the concept behind it all together.

Nunca es tarde para aprender algo nuevo!


Permaculture course: Introduction to the foundations and principles of permaculture, improve our vision of the world, design, practical exercises, and everything you need to start your project from scratch.


Our first experience in the garden: connection with nature recognizing our food source, soil preparation, planting, plant care techniques, observations, and guided learning.


Know your impact through the numbers!

To recognize our consumption and to learn how we can reduce it.


Have you heard the sentence: we are what we eat …

What we should eat? from where? from who? and why?

Learn the concepts and differences between feed sovereignty and feed security and why is it important for our health and communities.

Sustainable lifestyle

You will feel in synchronicity with the strength and energies of nature and you will enjoy a healthier life, connected and in harmony with nature. Feel happier to contribute and be part of a sustainable community.

Appreciation and core knowledge of the essential elements of nature and the relationship with us.

We as part of nature, creating more life!

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