Revitalizing Our Connection with Nature: Awakening Consciousness and Soulful Exploration

Project Description: As the owner of this transformative project, Sofia Rigalt, a devoted agronomist who graduated from the National University of Cordoba in Argentina, I am thrilled to share the profound vision and mission behind this endeavor. Throughout my career, I have come to realize that our responsibility as stewards of the Earth encompasses not only sustainable practices but also a deep connection with nature and our spiritual essence.

This project, known as AGRO, signifies the understanding of the intricate interplay between human beings and the ecosystems that surround us. The term “ECO” represents our commitment to ecological education and the task of nurturing our interconnected home. “WISDOM” embodies our belief in drawing wisdom from ancestral knowledge, utilizing ancient practices to honor the divine nature within ourselves and all living beings.

Our project is deeply rooted in the understanding that education, awareness, and spiritual connection are key drivers of change. Our aim is to create an educational and spiritual platform that empowers individuals to reconnect with nature, tap into their soul’s essence, and cultivate a deep reverence for the Earth. We want to provide a sacred space where people can learn about sustainable practices, explore the healing power of ancestral medicinal plants, and embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery and connection.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Nature-Based Spiritual Retreats: Our primary objective is to create immersive retreat experiences in nature, where participants can engage in spiritual practices, connect with ancestral medicinal plants, and experience the profound wisdom and healing that nature offers. These retreats will serve as transformative gateways for individuals to reconnect with Mother Earth and Father Sky, awakening their spiritual essence and deepening their connection with the divine nature within themselves.
  2. Ancestral Medicinal Plants: We aim to honor and promote the use of ancestral medicinal plants as allies in our healing journeys. Through educational workshops, guided plant medicine experiences, and the sharing of traditional knowledge, we seek to revive the sacred relationship between humans and plants, fostering a deeper understanding of their therapeutic properties and the importance of sustainable harvesting practices.
  3. Ecological Consciousness: We believe that true spiritual connection with nature goes hand in hand with ecological consciousness. Through educational programs and workshops, we will emphasize the importance of sustainable practices, regenerative agriculture, and the preservation of biodiversity. We aim to inspire individuals to become conscious custodians of the Earth, recognizing their role in creating a harmonious and sustainable future.
  4. Soulful Education and Empowerment: Our project will provide soulful education through workshops, seminars, and online resources, delving into topics such as mindfulness, meditation, energy healing, and the exploration of inner wisdom. By empowering individuals to tap into their higher selves and embrace their divine nature, we aim to foster personal transformation and inspire positive change in the world.
  5. Global Community of Consciousness: Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a global community of consciousness, where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together, share their experiences, and support one another on their spiritual and ecological journeys. Through online forums, community gatherings, and collaborative projects, we aim to create a sacred network of like-minded souls dedicated to co-creating a more harmonious and sustainable world.

To achieve our goals, we have designed soul-nourishing retreats that combine immersive nature experiences, spiritual practices, and the wisdom of ancestral medicine plants. These retreats will provide a sacred sanctuary for participants to reconnect with their inner selves, commune with nature, and gain profound insights into their interconnectedness with all of creation.

Additionally, our web platform will serve as a virtual sanctuary, providing resources, educational materials, and opportunities for online connection and collaboration. Through guided meditations, educational articles, and interactive forums, individuals can deepen their understanding of sustainable practices, ancestral wisdom, and spiritual growth.


We also recognize the importance of supporting communities in need and giving back to the Earth. Through donations and partnerships, we will invest in projects that promote reforestation, ecological restoration, and sustainable development in marginalized regions. By aligning our actions with our beliefs, we seek to create a positive and lasting impact on both individuals and the planet.

Personally, I am driven by a deep passion for our planet, the wisdom of ancestral traditions, and the transformative power of spiritual connection. I invite you to join us on this sacred journey of rediscovery, reconnection, and co-creation. Let us honor the divine nature within ourselves and all living beings as we embark on a profound exploration of the soul and the healing embrace of Mother Earth and Father Sky.