Is a personal project. Consist in an educational platform to teach to take care of life through sustainable management, the valorization of ancestral knowledge, and ecological techniques in agriculture. To share information, get educated in environmental issues like sustainable development, circular economy, water and carbon footprint, etc, including the most diverse social actors in the food chain of products and services and their impact on the environment, and community. To connect and celebrate communities around the world and promote a harmonious life with nature, and of course, plant a lot of seeds of trees and consciousness!

AGRO from agriculture: Understanding the relationship of people with a ecosystem to produce food and services.

ECO from Ecology: Ekos means home, to educate how to take care of our planet, our home.

And WISDOM: Learn through the experiences of others, using information and techniques in a smarth and harmonic way.

The objectives of the project are:



1. Make a documentary about food production creating awareness about the effect of the consumption of diverse products that influences our health, and showing up which kind of production alternatives are viable and sustainable in the ecological, social, and environmental dimensions.

 2. Create a web page of connection between producers and people interested in learning about these techniques and production systems.  A page that offers the possibility of doing voluntary and/or paid work related to sustainable projects providing information about courses, experiences, exchange, scholarships, even promote holidays of eco-friendly accommodation.

3. Be able to receive donations to invest in socio-eco projects around the world and be able to help real communities that need support, of course planting the most quantity of trees that I can! 

My history and motivation

Hi. I’m Sofia Rigalt.  I’m an agronomist who graduated from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. During my career, I have heard that we are responsible for producing food for society, that it is our duty to be efficient, and that we must produce more and more.  In 1970 came to the so-called “green revolution” brought to Argentina a technological package that allowed large volumes of production, techniques with great machinery such as direct sowing, the use of transgenic seeds, and the use of agrochemicals.  However, all this increase in production did not solve the problem of world hunger.  The real problem is the distribution and use of these foods as a society.  It also brought problems with the loss of soil fertility, loss of biodiversity for both natural and our diet, loss of Creole seeds, contamination of the underground layers with excessive and misuse of inorganic fertilizers, land concentration,  and the saddest loss of our sovereignty and food security in the villages, among others.  All this leads to the human being is totally dependent on the system.  But I have found that the solution is not to produce more but to take care of what we have and recover the ancestral knowledge about the care of the soil and its interaction with plants, climate, fungi, animals that live in an ecosystem.  We as a human race have learned for years to take care of the source of resources that kept us alive, take care of the seeds, take care of the water, work the land and obtain its fruits.  I believe that we have moved away from our biological function as a species and have created an abrasive production system for both the environment and ourselves.  We have forgotten that our food is one of the sources of health.  We have moved so far away from nature that we are no longer aware of how much we depend on it for our survival.


The content of the documentary is abording the most diverse philosophies and techniques in sustainable lifestyles, where beauty, art, and science are combined to give an answer to the next topics:

  1. Natural resources: Forest, soils, and biodiversity lost.
  2. Water source and quality.
  3. Energy efficiency and clean energy sources.
  4. Food for the future generations.
  5. Environmental education.
  6. Wellness and Biohacking
  7. Healthy lifestyle
  8. Circular economy
  9. Technology innovations
  10. Organization and sustainable development networks

Principles of agroecowisdom documentary content:

  1. Application of ancestral knowledge to learning about how to take care of our planet.
  2. Showing solid communities examples around the world, where connected people are working with a conviction and a wish to change the world.
  3. Creating awareness to appreciate nature and remember that everything is connected with life energy.
  4. Enjoy the process of looking forward to creating a sustainable life on planet earth.
  5. Coming back to our roots, to our biological function in nature as human beings in harmony with our Pachamama.
  6. A vision of ourselves in the future, the human being is living a sustainable life in harmony with nature?

Interview structure

1- Presentation of the person.
2. Description of the region.
3. Their purpose in that place.
4. Projects in which it participates
5. Talk about the main topic: sustainability, agroecology, agroforestry, pancs, communities, natural resource management, healthy food, medicinal plants, techniques, education, etc.
6. Give an awareness message for humanity: in an ecological and spiritual way:
7. Invite to participate in the community project, be part of the volunteer and research programs, how to keep in touch.

Message for the world of differents topics:

To appreciate ancestral wisdom, express the world view, ancestral knowledge of crops, history of places, stories in relationships with a spiritual way, and the purpose of life?

Sharing a life philosophy and concepts of happiness, to do actions in harmony with nature and below to a community.

The Web Site

A place where you can get connected and you can find more information about the project:

  1. documentary: histories and technical information about the different projects and productions.
  2. Portfolio of every place in the with multimedia material, amazing pictures, and interesting stories to share into the diverse regions in our planet…
  3. Interactive map
  4. Connected with a youtube channel that can provide information and educate our society with contains in environmental education.
  5. Social media marketing and support

This is an international and holistic project around the world with the wish to share and empower communities in different aspects of life. Life projects, with real people in different regions, with the same intentions: Change the world.

World Map

In the maps where you can find your closest community to get connected, share knowledge, technical information, and experiences. These communities connected with the organizations and educational center to create research programs, internships, and volunteer work to participate and contribute with more opportunities and supporting eco socio projects around the world.

Interested to donate to the project?

Time, skills, and money are welcome:

  1.  For video editing, process information, translate it into English, and help me to create the website.
  2. To cover the cost of accommodation and transport when I need to travel to find these amazing people and projects.  
  3. Money and resources to donate and contribute for eco socio projects that need support, especially in the beginning to give some extra help and energy to a new start and also for other projects already going that need extra investment to become more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. I have a list of them… 

more about how did I start?

Having a dream, having an idea: I will change the world!! and I feed that idea. First with my time and energy and I get so tired! Because I discovered that I can´t do it alone. I need the support of people and the community.

I thought that I need to gather material to justify the investment of a worldwide project, to attract companies that want to contribute to real sustainability, helping people through projects, and in my journey meet people who want to make that change and even better… give them new opportunities.

I was thinking this gonna be simple and easy but was super difficult to go like an individual person asking for my dream…so I decided to share it here and found someone to help me.

Here I share my list of task for the next 6 months:


  1. Find sponsors
  2. Up the idea, materials, and videos
  3. Gather more material and do more interviews in the Asia region.


      1.Edition of the 2018 material in South America (Brazil, Peru)


  1. Travel and collect 12 interviews in South America in 2018.  (Brazil, Peru)
  2. Learn English to do it internationally.
  3. One Interview in New Zealand
  4. Create my website to share the project with the community.

Do you need more information?

Please contact me with any questions.

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